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Issue Month-Year


September 2012 - 1

How to clear data off of your device and clearing space on your hard drive

August 2012 - 2

Save a web page as a PDF and keyboard shortcuts for your browser

August 2012 - 1

16 PC mysteries solved and keyboard shortcuts

July 2012 - 2

Tech's biggest flops of 2012 and tools in Microsoft Office

July 2012 - 1

Better uses for your middle mouse button and using autofilter function in Excel

June 2012 - 2

Creating smart templates in MS Word and Google spreadsheet gadgets

June 2012 - 1

Smart gadgets and bargain laptops

May 2012 - 2

PC sleep mode, safely ejecting a flash drive and tips to cut your cell phone bill

May 2012 - 1

Greatest PC mysteries solved and 15 best apps & tools

April 2012

USB charger plug gadget and an explanation of all the ports/outlets on a PC

March 2012 - 2

Google docs tips, loading applications at start up and Chrome tips

March 2012 - 1

Avoiding spammers, windows tips & paste special command

February 2012 - 2

Top 10 security suites for 2012 and 7 free windows tools & tips

February 2012 - 1

How to remove unwanted pre-installed software and a tool to restore deleted files

January 2012 - 2

How to find a product key for software and how to backup/uninstall drivers

January 2012 - 1

New devices for 2012, large attachments in Outlook and other Outlook tips

December 2011

Smart phone apps and how to get better tech support

November 2011 - 2

Top 100 products for 2011 and tool for file sharing large sized files

November 2011 - 1

Upgrading Windows XP and Roboform tool for saving passwords

October 2011 - 2

Tools to clean up your PC and remove spyware

October 2011 - 1

Windows 7 overview and a bunch of file management utilities

September 2011 - 2

Securing your WiFi network at home and restoring the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7

September 2011 - 1

Screen shots with SnagIt and printing PDFs with CutePDF

August 2011 - 2

Shut off the startup noise (tah-dah!) and automatic backups

August 2011 - 1

Spellchecker & autoresponder on the web; uninstalling a program

July 2011

Windows 7 taskbar tweaks; Biggest tech flops of 2011 and clean up tools for your PC

May 2011 - 2

Top 10 Pros and Cons on Doing a Website Yourself; Free and low cost tools for Office 2007 and other uses

May 2011 - 1

Web overview for novices, free and low-cost tools

April 2011

Tools - Roboform for passwords, CCleaner to make your PC run faster

February 2011

Erasing data from your hard drive and phone

January 2011 - 2

Tips to clean up your PC, combine reward cards to declutter your wallet

January 2011 - 1

Windows tools, free fonts, gadgets and predictions for 2011

December 2010

Do-It-Yourself websites vs. hiring a professional

November 2010

Web safety tips, comparison of Google tools vs. Microsoft

May 2010

Microsoft Office 2003 vs. 2007 toolbars

April 2010

Gadgets for your PC, spring cleaning on your website

March 2010

Windows keyboard shortcuts, technology firms as "big brother"

February 2010

Simple file listing utility

January 2010

File type associations, Firefox browser

November 2009

Converting Office 2007 documents; improving your PC's performance

October 2009

Avoiding spam & junk mail

July 2009

Tool for renaming files in Windows; tool for usability of multiple monitors

June 2009

Tool to create PDF from photo on your mobile phone; Tool for screen captures

May 2009

announce newsletter archive, recommend PDF generator tool (CutePDF)

April 2009

announce free hosting space increase for all clients

April 2009

social networking sites

January 2009

the benefits of software, websites with "cobwebs", recommend password tool (RoboForm)

November 2008

websites with "cobwebs"

September 2008

10 Windows maintenance tasks, adding buttons to your toolbars in Excel and Word

June 2008

latest website completed by Tepato, avoiding identity theft

February 2008

websites with "cobwebs"

January 2008

websites for small business, recommend password tool (RoboForm)

October 2007

latest websites completed by Tepato, recommend computer cleanup tools (CCleaner & Spybot)

September 2007

latest websites completed by Tepato

July 2007

search engine submission & optimization

June 2007

using BBB to find reputable companies, software piracy

May 2007

10 tips to improve your website's credibility

April 2007

Outlook tips, recommend spam tool (SpamArrest)

March 2007

create macro to search & replace special characters in Excel, recommend free PDF creation tool (PDF995.com - please note does not work with Windows Vista)

February 2007

marketing tips, daylight savings time change, 2006 tax credit

January 2007

desktop search tools (Yahoo, Google, etc.), recommend spam tool (SpamArrest)

December 2006

avoiding telemarketers, 10 tips to keep your computer running smoothly, Tepato joins Better Business Bureau (no longer a paid member due to increasing cost)

November 2006

networking with BNI, holiday shopping planning site

October 2006

technology help, recommend spam tool (SpamArrest), useful links

September 2006

stale websites, battery backup products

July 2006

the benefits of software, recommend online marketing site (michiganmall.com)

June 2006

the benefits of software, recommend data backup tool (SyncToy)

May 2006

websites for small business

April 2006

the benefits of software

March 2006

technology help for non-profits, project management event

February 2006

websites for small business

January 2006

accurate client billing

November 2005

sales tracking

October 2005

websites for small business

September 2005

new email marketing service


Special Interest Newsletters for Safari Club International (SCI) Chapters

Issue Month-Year


November 2009

chapter websites, chapter data tools

August 2009

SCI Chapter Award Submission , Record Book database update

February 2009

chapter websites, chapter data management tools

July 2008

chapter websites, chapter data management tools

January 2008

2 chapter websites win awards

January 2008

announce Tepato attending convention Jan. 2008, chapter websites, chapter data management tools

July 2007

auction database, chapter website wins award

January 2007

announce Tepato attending convention Jan. 2007, chapter websites

June 2006

chapter websites

May 2006

chapter websites, record book database

May 2006

record book database





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